Our mission is to be the easiest farming platform for starting, managing, and selling livestock.

About our team

About Us

We are a digital platform that connects livestock farmers through share leasing agreements, with the goal of improving the lives of smallholder farmers around the world and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Below are the three pillars that underpin OM.Farm:

  • Livestock Leasing - Our farming platform must empower smallholder farmers to increase their income and improve their livelihoods through the use of digital platforms and transparent partnerships.
  • Livestock Management - Our livestock management tools must be free, easy to use, and designed for all farmers, particularly those who have limited access to farming technologies.
  • Livestock Auctioning - We aim to reduce the cost of intermediaries through direct sales. Livestock should be sold at a price that reflects the efforts put into raising them, and is also affordable for everyday meat consumers.

Our generation of farmers must manage farms in innovative, sustainable, ethical, and environmentally responsible ways, including by helping to reduce GHG emissions. We hope you will join us in these endeavors and learn more about the livestock business.

We wish you success in your livestock farm operation.

Best Regards,
The OM.Farm Team

Meet our team

We are dedicated to our vision and mission statement, which is rooted in Stoic philosophy.